'Shorelines' Exhibition at Staacks Gallery

Throughout March 2018
This body of work, ‘Shorelines’, draws on visual studies, memories and physical experiences of the fluid foreshores and estuaries around the west of Britain, particularly across the Cornish coastline, where the purity of light enhances colour, texture and abstract forms. Many of the pieces reflect the rugged nature of Porthmeor beach in St Ives, meaning ‘large cove’ in Cornish. Porthmeor has been recorded by innumerable artists including Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, Peter Lanyon, Terry Frost and Sandra Blow, whose work has partly inspired the vibrant colours and forms within this exhibition. Colour and movement are always pivotal in my work and I set out to represent the patterns created by changing tides, weather and light as the land is reshaped and reclaimed.

Working initially in sketchpads, I record the land with drawings and colour references on site, developing this work back in the studio using British and Norwegian pure wools, flax, linen and silks. Through this exhibition of ‘painterly’ fibre work, I hope to engage the viewer with the timeless beauty of the great British landscape.